How Many AC Can Run On A 10kW Solar Power System?

To know how many air conditioners you could run on your 10kW solar power system you should first determine the power consumption of your air conditioners. Usually, we know the AC cooling capacity as ton or BTU. While they are different, they are related. These values along with another value known as the EER are used to determine the power consumption of your AC in watts. Knowing that your solar power system is delivering 10 kilowatts of power, the calculation will be easy.

As a general rule, a 10kW solar system could run 10 AC units 12,000 BTU (1 Ton) or 6 AC units 18,000 BTU (1.5 Ton), or 5 AC units 24,000 BTU (2 Ton) all having an EER of 12. You could also run a combination of 2 AC units 36,000 BTU (3 Ton), 2 AC units 12,000 BTU (1 Ton), and 1 AC unit 24,000 BTU (2 Ton).

How are these values calculated? And do we have any other thing to consider before proceeding? An in-depth explanation will be provided along with some helpful calculators.

Ahmad Ghayad

Ahmad Ghayad is the Creator of, a website created to help people build and understand how solar power systems work. He is a passionate Mechanical Engineer that worked in the building and maintaining several solar power systems for houses and organizations during a severe domestic power outage in his country.

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