About Us

Solars House was first created in June 2022. It is the place where we would like to share through it with you our experience and knowledge in solar power systems. We spent years and years working in this field, starting from simple basic solar setups, and building huge solar systems for many big residential buildings and organisations.

What we think is that many people are still confused and uncertain when deciding to go solar or not. Some people think it’s not worth the investment, and some even think it costs a fortune. While others are not sure if solar power is sufficient enough for their house/office/building daily electrical demand. For this reason, we created SolarsHouse.com.

It’s a place where you are going to find answers to all your questions regarding solar power systems. We are also daily checking for any comments and questions that you post under each post and try to answer them ASAP. If you think you need to contact us privately for any reason, then please head toward our Contact Us page.