Solar Food Truck Wattage Calculator

The following calculator is a general wattage calculator but with predefined devices used in the food trucks. You have the option to add up to 10 appliances by clicking on the “Add Equipment” button. The first field is the number of units you will need from one appliance, the second field is the equipment name, we provided a dropdown list of the most popular, choose one from them, and the last field is the power consumption of this equipment. These numbers are based on the average consumption of each appliance, but if you have the exact number of your device, please edit the last field number manually in the calculator.

Add all your needed devices and find the total wattage for your food truck at the end. This number is very important and will be used to calculate your solar power system size. Read the full article explaining How Many Solar Panels are Needed To Run Food Truck.

After finding the total wattage of your food truck, you should head towards The All-In-One Solar Power Calculator to find your needed solar power system size, including the total power needed, the number of solar panels, and the battery bank size.